Posting veryeasy Gospel booklets starts

Today we’ve posted our first booklets – veryeasySwahili for two places in Tanzania. When we get the postal addresses more booklets in French, Swahili, Oromo, Chichewa and Shona will follow. Soon we’ll be privileged to post Brao to Cambodia and Kelabit to Borneo….

Karen (Myanmar; Burma) in Braille!

From Carole in US :

‘I just received the Braille Christmas Story (yesterday). To my untrained eye it looks great. I’m anxious to see Tun Min’s response. He doesn’t know it’s coming! I’ll let you know.’

Feedback from Mozambique

From Cleto of Zimbabwe ‘I found this email encouraging for easyShona Bible translations. I referred them to check .

Their forwarded message is below : From: xxx Date: Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 1:56 PM Subject: Greetings In His Name To:

Just wanted to make contact with you or those that are responsible […]

81st project online – 2nd new language

After it’s checked we shall be typesetting, printing and posting hundreds of copies of Luke’s Gospel in easyKelabit to Bario, Borneo, Sarawak, Malaysia. This is our second involvement with encouraging a totally new language. But the work and copyright belong to the teams doing the real work and to their churches and nations. God is […]

80th project arriving

EasyBrao is arriving from Cambodia. These are the first Scriptures in this language.

Printing starts for ‘veryeasy’ Swahili and French

Our new printers, Cefni Computers have started with 50 copies of booklets in each of ‘veryeasy’ Swahili from Tanzania and ‘veryeasy’ French for Africa from Burundi. We shall post them to different people for field-testing and feedback before a second larger printing.

Tomorrow we move on to Amharic and Oromo from Ethiopia then Yao from […]