Home with much to consider

Thanks for your prayers. I’m now back home; resting but in good health and praying about all the consequences of very useful times in Japan and Malaysia.

Borneo : Miri and Kuching

Had a great time – wonderful teams forming for easy and veryeasyIban, Kelabit and Malay.

Also need for Christian Radio stn in Indonesia to reach Sarawak. Authorities are more relaxed in Indonesian Borneo than in Sarawak. Also met leader of blind ministry in Iban – Pastor Peter wants braille version of veryeasyIban etc.


Good start with Malay in KL. Off to Miri then Kuching on Borneo today. Back to KL on Sat.

I hope to meet future team members for Iban and Indonesian languages as well as some of easyKelabit team.

KL May 18 th

When i travel the blog aspect of this site takes over. Please pray for Martin B in the Congo – setting up small businesses and testing easyFrench, Swahili and Kirundi. Please pray for my friend Paul Marsh – interview today with CMS.

Tokyo 2010 was thrilling – a fuller report from home in June – […]

Japan and new Editions

Off to Tokyo2010 today rejoicing that Edition 2 booklets have started with easyMarwari and veryeasyArabic and Urdu!

Thank you for your prayers.

Independent checking

It’s great that new independent checking has started at the veryeasy level in Urdu, Arabic, Marathi, Malay, French and Tagalog.