Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (OCMS)

Yesterday, Wednesday, i made my second visit to OCMS. They are wonderful people and many have ecouraged ‘easyBibles’.

Their own Mission Statement is ‘Advancing Holistic Transformation through Scholarly Engagement’ and i need to eat more fish (to raise my IQ) before my next visit. Before September, i’ll hand 100 copies of veryeasyArabic to a Palestinian […]

Phase 2 Printing starts

Having successfully started our booklet printing – through the generosity of Cefni Computers, Anglesey, Wales – we are now moving on to Stage 2 – with large numbers of booklets for language projects that we have grown to trust and respect.

We have started with 700 copies of Luke Stories in veryeasyVaiphei for Manipur, India. […]

Blind children in North Africa

I received this email message about our veryeasyArabic from another contact i made in Japan :

‘I was so glad to hear your voice and to receive your email. Indeed I opened the link and saved the Arabic stories, wonderful work. God bless you. I think I can help in my own way to make […]

easyBengali, Italian, Vaiphei…

From the General Secretary of the National Christian Fellowship of Bangladesh. We met in Tokyo.

‘Greetings. Yes, I have seen almost all the booklets. But I know them mostly previously. These are very good resource on the website. Our poeple can easily access them upon internet availability.

Do you have any suggestions and idea how […]

fasting Wed 7 July

Just to say that following my trip to Asia we have 5 new languages making progress. Also veryeasyItalian has just started with Father Mario a missionary to Ugandua who might also arrange independent checking for Luo.

Contacts with the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies and Liverpool Hope University look like progressing well in September.

Thank […]