The last shall be first (2) – Asia

Burma (or Myanmar) is one of the poorest countries in Asia. Last Wed i returned to the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies where Pastor James is keen to co-ordinate at least 4 languages for Burma.

I was also encouraged to meet again people revising veryeasyKorean and promoting easyHausa for Nigeria and considering adapting our veryeasyArabic […]

The last shall be first (1) – Africa

Great progress is being made in Burundi and neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo – the poorest nations on earth (World Bank and IMF tables – ) :

1. Martin Baskerville is bravely returning to both countries in mid-September taking copies of easy and veryeasy French, Swahili and Kirundi. The veryeasyFrench is being improved by […]

700 veryeasyVaiphei booklets start to arrive in Manipur, India

‘Dear pastor Martin, Today i received another 52 copies. Thank you so much brother. Tomorrow i’ll give the booklets to all the youths and adults around my place. It is my prayer that when they read it they may understand the love of God and the provision made by God for human beings. Praise be […]