Gypsies on Sunday

Today at 1pm i speak to the Gypsy Pentecostal Church – about 400 strong.

Yesterday i met Father Denes at St Michael’s Catholic Church who promised to pass on my details to friends working with poor people. Please pray for him and the ladies at St Matthias (the church above 100 steps NOT St Steven’s […]

2 quiet days in Budapest

My new Gypsy friends couldn’t find an interpreter and Tamas was busy – so i spent Friday as a tourist. Budapest is a beautiful and very friendly city. My hostel ‘The Groove’ @ 7 pounds a night is splendid. We were about 20 guests last night – all 20’s and early 30’s – reminded me […]

Hungary Gypsies and Dutch

Yesterday was great – thanks for prayers

Hostel excellent at 7 pounds a night including coffee, towels for very hot showers..Lovely people – Hannah a social worker aged 29 already helping with veryeasyDutch, may have contacts for Freisian.

Meeting with Romany Pentecostal leader was wonderful. I speak at his church of 400 on Sunday. They’re […]

Kainos and Hungary

Prayers were wonderfully answered yesterday when i had the privilege to meet with two people in Runcorn, UK including Chief Executive Revd Tricia Rogers of Kainos ( ) to open discussions about working together to help prisoners in Britain. Their ‘Challenge to Change’ programme is designed to help high to medium risk offenders. Their brochure […]

Martin Baskerville Update re Prisoners in Congo

Dear Friends and supporters,

I have just today received the exciting news report from our good friend Pastor Diems in Congo.

As you can see from his report and photo’s that he has sent the work at the food project in Uvira is well underway and the first planting has now taken place. – […]

Comboni missionaries

Please pray for me (Martin Lloyd) as i seek to meet more of these wonderful Roman Catholic friends. I’m still greatly encouraged by Fr Mario Casella (recovering in Verona, Italy from a stomach cancer operation) and Fr M from Eritrea who works as a priest in Battersea, London. I must travel to meet many more. […]