Project 103 – veryeasy Tigrinya from Eritrea

I had wonderful meetings on Monday and Tuesday with Comboni friends in London.

From Father Tesfamichael i collected veryeasy Tigrinya and then met Father Fidelis Chuckwu from Nigeria – a prison chaplain in Battersea, London. On Tuesday i travelled to Sunningdale to talk to Father John Troy from Ireland to discuss many matters including easyLuo […]

Catholics, Bishop James of Liverpool, prisons and learning disabled friends

I’ve just listened to Bishop James on Radio 4’s ‘Thought for the Day’; he’s a lovely caring man ; i’ve only met him once at Liverpool Hope University; he is very positive towards respectable ‘gay’ people.

Thank you for prayers for Father Mario Casella, my saintly Catholic friend in Verona convalescent home; he’s getting stronger […]

No 102 – veryeasy Rawang arrives from Myanmar

The font still needs checking – but we rejoice in another language from Myanmar/Burma.

101 projects on line! veryeasy Sweedish and Greek arrive

VeryeasySweedish has arrived from Stockholm from a friend i met in Budapest.

VeryeasyGreek has arrived from a new friend in the Greek Orthodox Church.

This brings us up to 101 projects on line – there must be over 130 that have started!

We praise God – and continue to seek quality as well as quantity. […]

Flying home – thanks for prayers

This website will return to normal until the next trip. I had another good meeting last night with Istvan who will lead forward the veryeasyHungarian work. I’ll visit his brother, a pastor in Leeds before the end of this year.

With Pastor Matyas in charge of the various projects for the Gypsy language Lovari – […]

easy and veryeasyLovari for Hungarian Gypsies – fasting Wednesday

Prayers for Wed 3 November

1. Easy and veryeasy Lovari and a booklet for children are expected to be in production in the next 6 months. Thank you for your prayers. It was a wonderful meeting. Pastor Matthias agreed to lead this work.

2. Tomorrow evening (Thursday at 9pm) i again meet Istvan Taller, who […]