Happy New Year! – project 105 is more Royal easyBibles

Please click on ‘105 projects’ to see them now listed in the correct order and rejoice that Royal easyBibles is moving forward.

May our gracious God mightily bless you in 2011.

Project number 104 arrives from Lesotho; now 50 at ‘veryeasy’ level

Royal easyBibles is the most important level – Mt 25 v 40,45.

May God help us to develope this in 2011.

Next comes the ‘veryeasy’ work. We rejoice that the ‘veryeasy’ level has caught up with ‘easy’ – both now have 50 projects on line.

VeryeasySesotho arrives from Lesotho. More are promised soon…..

HAPPY CHRISTMAS! – Comboni, L’arche and New Life

My friendships are indeed becoming very catholic – with wonderful new members of L’arche in London and Liverpool.

In January i hope to meet their UK leader in Preston and perhaps later in 2011 to meet Jean Vanier in a village near to Paris.

His understanding of Jesus’ respect and love for ‘the least of […]

Fasting Wed 1st December – China!

Snowed in!

Watch this space – a day for thinking, planning, prayer and phonecalls.

Joyce Ferrie has added a second excellent booklet of Gospel Stories – from Mark this time – also to be translated at the ‘veryeasy’ level. This is found at http://sites.google.com/site/easybibles2/veryeasyenglish . I’ll gladly print and post 200 copies when you’ve finished.