Wednesday – back in Verona

It is not without a note of sadness that i leave the  Combonis in Rome. The hospitality, including the food, has been marvellous – even a lift to the Metro this morning after Mass.

Yesterday i visited the Pantheon – in sunshine! Then more chats over meals. One person i wish to visit again in England is Tony Whittaker of SOON. They run correspondence Bible clubs in Africa. Father Patrick from Uganda is going to be an ambassador for me in the Rome Comboni house. He tells me that in his youth he used the SOON LEAFLETS. I hope to meet Fr Patrick in Kampala in July or August. A second father wished to discuss Ethiopia – this time printing the Irob language.

I hope soon to offload the ‘easyBibles’ ministry for more countries to Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox societies who love the ‘poor’ and who follow our Lord Jesus Christ – in this way.

I’ve only been back here a few hours and already i’m discussing how to produce easySango for the Central African Republic and through new friend Father Chas from Kenya i’ll be introduced to stronger teams for both Kenya and Tanzania.

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