Sunday – latest!

Thanks for praying for Africa today. Positive conversations today with Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Central African Republic.

The Uganda team seems well established and i may well visit Kampala in July or August to help Fr John Fraser and Fr Patrick Benywanira set up Fr Albert’s suggested ideas with Makerere University. Kenya are watching […]

Very friendly and useful contacts in Rome

Father Superior Juan Climent from Spain was immediately very helpful – i now have a key to the rear entrance near to the Metro station and have purchased a 7 day ticket for the Metro and all central transport. Fr Juan has also suuggested i contact a mission called Divine Word Missionaries who have 6000 […]

Kenya and Mozambique – a quieter day

Thursday was a quieter day – except for Fr Albert’s wonderful thoughts about Makerere University and Fr Mario who kindly improved his veryeasyItalian still further. I had hoped to hear from other Fathers about Kenya and Mozambique – but i must learn patience and ‘the Spirit blows where He wills – like the wind’ – […]

Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda + Rome

Comboni Father Albert Dalfovo is an Italian missionary who has worked in Africa for 49 years; 38 of these in Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda.

Starting as a lecturer in Philosophy, Father Albert rose to become Professor of the Philosophy Department – which he founded.

Today he lives in the Verona Comboni Convalescence Home because of […]

24 hours in Verona and wonderful news for Uganda and Africa

I’ve had splendid hospitality and met many new friends in the Comboni Convalescence Home – here in Verona and Father Mario Casella is doing so well that he’s even talking of returning to Uganda this summer!

But the most thrilling surprise was the interest in ‘easyBibles’ shown by Fr Albert who has been 49 years […]

Verona and Rome; Comboni and L’arche & Mother Teresa

Tomorrow, Tuesday evening i hope to be sharing an evening meal with the kind Comboni Fathers at their house in Verona, Italy.

So far they have helped ‘easyBibles’ by translating into Italian and Tigrinya (Eritrea) as well as checking Amharic and Chichewa; and Father John Fraser has agreed to lead this ministry for Uganda.

On […]