Dublin, Maynooth, Liverpool, Shanghai and Zhoukou

Tomorrow, Sunday i go to Dublin and then on Monday at 10am to Maynooth in Ireland to meet a leader of the British Isles Province of the SVD (Society of the Divine Word).

On Thursday i attend 2 meetings at the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool designed to help ex-offenders. We shall also begin to discuss […]

Manna and Mark’s Gospel

It was my joy yesterday to meet Peter and Peggy Skinner of Manna Publications (please see http://www.manna-publications.org.uk/ ) who distribute good teaching and Bible commentaries in many languages at easy to read levels. We hope to network in several areas including Eastern Europe and Africa.

It is also great that people are beginning to use […]

‘Good Gifts’ Llangefni, North Wales

Yesterday, Jenny and i went to another ‘Good Gifts’ meeting of learning disabled children and their parents in Llangefni, North Wales.

I was shedding tears of joy, watching prayer-dancing by Lucy with Downs Syndrome and joining worship songs by the whole group as we rejoiced in being valued, individually and as a community by our […]

Thursday update – easySpanish

Having a great final day in Rome with friendly Combonis – i’ll soon have 20 email addresses for interested Combonis. This morning Fr Antonio discussed help with Spanish for Latin America and new help seems on the way for the Philippines. Praise God!

Wednesday from Rome

This has been a quieter day – but good contacts are opening for Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mozambique, Malawi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Please pray for more. London tomorrow evening.

Tuesday in Rome – verbodis

Here the Society of the Divine Word are known as the Verbodis ( from Verbo Deus – i guess). I had a very pleasant time with Father Paulinus – i’ll definitely try to visit other Verbodi homes – for example in Dublin (soon) and perhaps India ( not before 2012/3). Local groups make a lot […]