Franciscans and others

On a bus in Rome i met Italian Sister Lena and her blood sister, another nun from a different mission. Lena spoke good English as she works in Kenya. She wanted to know where the no. 64 bus went. I was amused by several times being asked for directions by complete strangers in Italian. Must […]

5th prophesy – TRUE religion?

Can’t sleep – so developing my 5th message to friends – please help – by emailing me at

For a while i’ve been noticing that truly loving the poor does not always go hand-in-hand with church-going. Recently i was discussing this with a young (only 59) Comboni priest. James ch1 v 27 and 1 […]

Encouraging note at end of Stage 2 – as Stage 3 begins

Dear Martin, Just a note to congratulate you on having reached your goal and moving on to something perhaps a little less strenuous. It’s great that you can continue to be involved with Easy Bibles and Easy English. May God bless as you move forward at His leading. Serving a great God, Lynn (For many […]

Friday 20th – new encouragements

I had a good time at breakfast with some younger Combonis and 10 mins at lunch time with the Director of Seraphicum University – they’re Franciscans and date back nearly 1000 years to, of course, St Francis of Assisi. I must investigate them further in Paris (my meeting for Jean Vanier is fixed for the […]

Slower discussions in Rome; 4 billion ‘oral’ people

Please pray for my trip to these friendly, hospitable missionaries. There are some predictable retrogressive attitudes and some suspicions about the intentions of this strange visitor. Perhaps I need a haircut!

This same week the ‘Orality Movement’ ..mainly in US tell us that there are 4 billion of the world’s 7 billion people who are […]

Combonis in Rome and L’arche in Paris

I’ll be in Rome for a few days starting next Tuesday 17th May – seeking further help from my Comboni friends for Africa and Jean Vanier’s secretary is sorting out a date for our meeting in Paris.