Artwork from core members of Liverpool L’arche

You are invited to study these pictures with a simple trust and experience His wonderful love, peace and joy :

Sadly the picture of the manger has too large a memory to be loaded. The artists are Nickie Brown and Mark Harris. Copyright -The Ark@L’Arche Liverpool 2011.


4 Gospels in good condition from the Congo

We aim soon to produce spirally bound books containing ALL FOUR GOSPELS in easyFrench for Africa from the DRC in the next few weeks.

The team there is moving forward to complete the New Testament by summer 2012.

A recent email from them :

Dear Friends; We are expressing here our deep hapiness in the […]

xxxxxx starts at Stage 3 level from Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma) is a dangerous country for Christians – but one brave pastor is starting at Stage 3.

Please pray for him and for a team to help/support this wonderful service for God and for poor people.

New ‘faithful teams’ at Stage 3

Most blogs will be on this site – the MAIN SITE – but please keep an eye on the MOST IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS which will be mentioned on the site. There you will find details of the ‘faithful teams’ walking closer to the heart of Our Lord – in understanding the needs of poor and […]

Level A easyChinese, Luke chapter 2 arrives

The first level A ‘easy’ text has arrived from China. This level will be coloured YELLOW in our Spectrum.

Level B is for pastors and most of the 700 million Chinese who have not had full education – especially in the villages.

Level A is for people of normal ability learning to read Chinese – […]

Abuse of Learning Disabled people in UK

Please follow this link for sad news about what can happen in my country and i suspect yours as well : The Independent is a British national newspapaer – but this matter was also mentioned this morning on BBC news.

Producing Bible materials for these people is one way of raising their self-respect. We […]