Kabwe Update 5 – flying tomorrow – latest itinerary

Tomorrow, Wed 1st Feb will NOT be a Fasting Wednesday – i fly via Addis Ababa to Lusaka, Zambia where i’m met at the airport by Steven Kaombe ( from Mozambique) and Comboni Fr Gian Battista Moroni – our host for 2 nights. The fasting will be on Monday 6th Feb during the Conference in […]

Kabwe Update 4 – Please pray for our Congolese friends

Bishop Evariste Numbi and Pastor Elie may not be allowed by the Zambian authorities to travel to Kabwe.

Pastor Elie’s passport isn’t expected to be available before March and the documents he can get for next week only allow him to travel 100 km into Zambia. So a few of us would have to travel […]

Ring-binding with wire from Bradford

Thanks to Richard Johnston and friends from Bradford, UK for this stronger product. Please note the two Gospels in easyChichewa in the left-hand photo – we rejoice in 4 teams (3 Protestant and 1 Catholic) working together on this language.


Kabwe Update 3 – Itinerary and Full Conference in November

The latest version of my itinerary is :

I arrive at Lusaka Airport on Feb 2nd and stay 2 nights with Italian Roman Catholic missionary Fr Gian Battista Moroni. I met Fr Moroni twice in Rome last year. He has been a missionary in a Chichewa speaking area of Zambia for 28 years.

I’m also […]

More new books – this time for Burma/Myanmar

Below next to the spirally-bound light blue book in ‘veryeasy’ French – made with the generous help of Ian Melton (Cefni Computers) and Richard Johnston, are 4 books from my old friend Phil Roberts a professional printer and FIEC pastor from Stoke, UK.

The bottom 2 books are inside and outside of the same book […]

Kabwe update 2 – French checking receives boost!

Lydie from a French-speaking part of Switzerland has agreed not only to check the easyFrench from DRC – BUT TO OVERSEE FRENCH FOR EUROPE.

Please pray for her hip operation on Feb 9th. Lydie has spent 15 years as a missionary in Tanzania – please pray that she will be able to return.

My host […]