Asia’s brightest city – Shanghai

The most positive easyBibles work coming from Asia at present is the level A Luke’s Gospel from Shanghai.

We are now checking chapter 7 with a Chinese friend in Hong Kong and the excellent work keeps flowing, at about a chapter per month from friends i met on my last trip in March 2011.

The […]

Fri 3 Feb – morning in Lusaka

these pictures are from Thursday evening’s meeting with the students. The man on the left in the third picture is the Father Superior Pedro Paul – the father on the right is Gian Battista. The whole college were very interested.

Sorry this internet is too slow at uploading photos and i have to get […]

Lusaka – Thurs 2 Feb – Wow!!

Thurs, yesterday was tops. On flight from London to Addis Ababa i met C a top security man from an English city who was interested in my journey and is considering carrying refurbished laptops for me to Juba. He’s also interested in our Juba Arabic. For 5 years he worked in Kabul!

At Lusaka airport […]