Lusaka – Thurs 2 Feb – Wow!!

Thurs, yesterday was tops. On flight from London to Addis Ababa i met C a top security man from an English city who was interested in my journey and is considering carrying refurbished laptops for me to Juba. He’s also interested in our Juba Arabic. For 5 years he worked in Kabul!

At Lusaka airport i was met by Fr Gian Battista Moroni (whom i met last year on my 2 trips to Combonis in Rome) and Steven Kaombe from Mozambique. We are now close friends and after chatting over Chichewa texts Fr Moroni recommended that Steven (a Pentecostal pastor) lead the work in Chichewa as well as Yao and ‘Portuguese for Mozambique’. We Europeans have much to learn from Africa about Ecumenical relations. Catholics and Pentecostals often work together here – as Fr Mario Casella did with Elim Pentecostals in Uganda.

In his pagan youth, Steven worked hard at Karate – hoping to be employed as a bodyguard. That training is unlikely to be necessary in Zambia – but it’s good to be travelling with him!

Yeaterday evening was wonderful as i met about 15 students at the Catholic College (Formation House) in Lusaka – where Steven and i are staying. After we did a presentation – they told us of wonderful ministries with different prisons in Lusaka – one student took some children’s knitted clothes for Mother Theresa’s home here – where he works at week-ends. A Kenyan student wants to see easyGikuyu (for the Kikuyu – the ‘Royal’ tribe of Kenya).

Prayer meeting soon at 5.30 am – MORE LATER – WATCH THIS SPACE!

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