‘Forever flowing free…’

At 4-30 am this morning i had a wonderful phone call to my friend Pastor Daniel in India. His teams have already provided ‘easy’ materials, free of charge, in Hindi, Punjabi and Marathi and this same energy is flowing freely into other languages including Tamil.

Pastor Daniel is a wonderful example, together with friends K […]

Internet Conference

We’ve caught a chair-lift to the top of Mt Baldo and walked for about a mile. Must have cleared my brain – i’ve just realised that we can do many international conferences for no money using such tools as Skype or gmailchat …etc.

Forgive me for not joining the 21st Century earlier. I will consult […]

2 separate ministries

My ministries are changing and this will of course affect the Conferences in HK and Lima. Jenny and i are on holiday in Italy near Lake Garda – this is where i met Fr Mario Casella 2 years ago. Then Fr Mario was a healthy 82 year old missionary on furlough/holiday from Uganda where he […]

7 +1/2 years – One job done!

7 +1/2 years – One job done!

Dear friends – recent events have caused me to re-emphasise this message on my site. It’s over one year old!!

‘ The main ministry of www.easyBibles.com is a prophetic one – to remind the global Church to honour Christ’s own expressed desire to take the good news […]

Fasting Wednesday 6th June; Bristol and London

Yes i know it’s still only Monday – but tomorrow i catch a very early train to Bristol to visit my daughter’s family including 2 year old Lilly and 1 month old Dominic before meeting Zemen from Ethiopia (easyOromo) and getting a cheap bus to London to spend the night with a friend in Woking. […]