Fasting Wednesday 6th June; Bristol and London

Yes i know it’s still only Monday – but tomorrow i catch a very early train to Bristol to visit my daughter’s family including 2 year old Lilly and 1 month old Dominic before meeting Zemen from Ethiopia (easyOromo) and getting a cheap bus to London to spend the night with a friend in Woking. Wednesday i meet some very interesting friends in Victoria Station, London :

  • Joseph from Zimbabwe who is working in Norway but has a home in London. Joseph is helping Cleto from Zimbabwe with the new ‘easyBibles for Africa’ website.
  • Melanie, Joseph’s wife, who is from the Caribbean and is considering joining the ‘easyBibles for South America’ Conference in Lima in Oct 2013.
  • Lucy from Lesotho who is doing veryeasySesotho.
  • Lydie from Switzerland who has worked for 15 years in Tanzania and is checking easyFrench. Lydie is also leading easyFrench for Europe.

Please pray for our combined wisdom. I travel home the same evening for a Jubilee lunch on Thursday in Llanfairfechan, North Wales.

I moved my own fasting Wed to last week.

In the last few months i’ve been privileged to meet in North Wales 2 Anglican Bishops from Africa :

  • Bishop Samuel from South Sudan
  • Bishop Charles from Uganda

Both of these men have team members who promise to lead new teams to do easyZande and easyLuo respectively. Praise God !

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