7 +1/2 years – One job done!

7 +1/2 years – One job done!

Dear friends – recent events have caused me to re-emphasise this message on my site. It’s over one year old!!

‘ The main ministry of www.easyBibles.com is a prophetic one – to remind the global Church to honour Christ’s own expressed desire to take the good news to those who are poor and marginalised.

In a very real sense i’m a postman and after seven and a half years this message has gained the support of over 60 important leaders concerned with accessible Bible texts. They come from every continent and from Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant parts of the Church.

So , although failure has not been far from my normal experience – this job  IS DONE!


If God speaks to you – you will be joining a great ministry to help those Christ considered most in need – Mt 25 v 40; Luke 4 v 18; Luke 7 v 22; 1 Jn 4 v 20.

I shall enjoy playing my part in encouraging individuals as long as God gives me strength – but pastors and teachers please realise that helping people to read and understand the Bible in your language is YOUR RESPONSIBILTY not mine. ‘

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