2 separate ministries

My ministries are changing and this will of course affect the Conferences in HK and Lima.
Jenny and i are on holiday in Italy near Lake Garda – this is where i met Fr Mario Casella 2 years ago. Then Fr Mario was a healthy  82 year old missionary on furlough/holiday from Uganda where he worked for most of his life. He died a few months ago from stomach cancer. A brave man and wise counsellor. I miss him very much and look forward to meeting him in Heaven. I visited him twice in Verona and used to phone him every 2 weeks from the UK.
He was a Comboni missionary. Daniel Comboni (1831 – 1881) was born in Limone, Lake Garda. He taught his missionaries to persevere. Fr Mario spoke of the times Fr Comboni had to struggle to have his work accepted by the Pope.
So, dear friends, we too are encouraged to persevere – that is part of our calling.
But from now on my work will be divided into 2 ministries :
1. The translating, checking and field-testing of easy and veryeasy Bible materials. No money will be sent overseas for this ministry.ALL friends doing this work must look to God for their help and inspiration.
2. Printing and distribution of booklets. Richer countries such as the West will be encouraged to raise money for this work. More about this later.

Thanks you for your prayers! More news soon.

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