‘Forever flowing free…’

At 4-30 am this morning i had a wonderful phone call to my friend Pastor Daniel in India. His teams have already provided ‘easy’ materials, free of charge, in Hindi, Punjabi and Marathi and this same energy is flowing freely into other languages including Tamil.

Pastor Daniel is a wonderful example, together with friends K from Shanghai and Carol from Hong Kong (translating and checking easyChinese level A) who are leading the way forward.

Samples of all these projects will soon appear on the quality.easyBibles.com site.

For these teams this will be demonstrating Ministry One for easyBibles РWITH NO MONEY INVOLVED!!

‘Immortal love, forever full,
Forever flowing free,
Forever shared, forever whole,
A never ebbing sea!’
from a hymn by John G Whittier – may it inspire us too.

Then we shall seek to raise money to send to pay for printing – particularly to the poorest countries. (Ministry Two)

THE PROCESS (people, motivation) IS AS IMPORTANT AS THE PRODUCT. This year’s materials will certainly need revising in ten year’s time.

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