Special Sunday 26th August

In my last phone call to Father Mario Casella, just before he went to Heaven, he told me that it is important to persevere – as Daniel Comboni had to do in his discussions with Rome before his mission to Africa was approved.

Well, as many of you will have observed, easyBibles often seems to […]

Norway update: Chin, Burmese,Karen,Creole and Norwegian

Thanks for your prayers; doors are opening. Full report after i return home on Tues 28th.

Stavanger is now an important centre for easyBibles. The Lutheran pastor at the International Church has been particularly encouraging. There are hopeful contacts for easyThai too.

Wonderful first day in Norway

Great first day with Burmese friends and Joseph (my new deputy in easyBibles) from Zimbabwe.

The work in Burma (they prefer that name to Myanmar) is now firmly established in this, the poorest nation in Asia and led by my good friend Pastor H who will himself supervise teams doing Chin and Burmese.

Joseph will, […]

Off to Norway to meet Burmese friends

Tomorrow i fly to Oslo then catch a train to Stavanger to meet Pastor Hmung and his sister from Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma) to discuss easyChin.

I fly home on Wednesday 24th – again by budget airline Ryanair.

Chinese Christians are now producing, checking and funding the printing of easyChinese Luke’s Gospel at level A inside China

This wonderful new ministry is particularly designed to help learning disabled readers. Like everywhere else the Chinese easyBibles team, of course, own the copyright.

We hope other wealthy countries will soon join them.

Praise God!

Donations for printing and postage

Such donations will NOT be used for travelling expenses or any purposes other than producing booklets (in the UK and elsewhere) and for postage costs. We have already stopped paying for translating and checking. We sadly have NEVER been involved with medical, educational or domestic expenses.

The Britannia Building Society insist on 4 signatories :