Returning to Stavanger, Norway

Tomorrow, Friday, I revisit friends in Stavanger, Norway for 12 days. These include Burmese and African friends and MHS, School of Mission and Theology. Also in London I meet Arlette from Belgium who is kindly checking easyFrench from DRC.

Please pray for contacts. I’ll update these blogs.

More easyZande arrives from South Sudan

We now rejoice in 8 chapters of Luke’s gospel in easyZande at level A from South Sudan

Mixed report so far

Saturday night’s launch was a mixture of blessings and disappointments :

Blessings that village believers now have a much more accessible New Testament – and the team are now moving to the OT. Most of the translating has been done by Turkish translators.

Disappointments that the copyright belongs to The World Translation Centre, Dallas. This […]

Launch today of Turkish easy to read NT

Please pray for today’s launch of the exciting easy to read Turkish New Testament here in Istanbul.

Pray too for new contacts for ‘easyBibles’ from the nations represented.

Thank you for your prayers for my friend Tony in Wales. My wife Jenny reports that :

‘Jan (his wife) phoned to say the operation went well. […]