Happy Christmas from Daniel!!

from Daniel aged 9 in Sarawak, Malaysia

Daniel is also a member of Anglesey Good Gifts in North Wales.

Anglesey Good Gifts is an ecumenical meeting of parents of learning disabled children and their children plus friends and learning disabled adults. We meet for 2 hours every second Saturday in a Catholic Church for […]

Last 2 days in Norway

I had an encouraging lunch with Pastor Vidar and his friend Deacon Magna. If we find a leader, Pastor Vidar will host workshops for easyBibles. Please pray that someone will be called to this ministry. I’m hoping to return to Stavanger in March.

Today Elin ( married to Denis from Sierra Leone) sent me some […]

Sunday update at Stavanger International Church

On Thurs i came across a group of about 6 learning disabled adults and their carers in Josephine’s Cafe. Christine , a leader spoke good English and i agreed to meet the group next Wed lunchtime to show them some Mark’s Gospel stories in veryeasy Norwegian.

Students at this college are busy with exams […]

Thurs -gathering pace

Day unfolded well – had discussions before breakfast about Malagasy for Madagascar ; and Oromo for Ethiopia (Daniel comes back to meet me at 7pm tonight); then phoned Anna who has worked on Fulfulde in Mali and knows Boureima Diallo who has planted many churches using this language in Burkino Faso and whom we hosted […]

Fasting Wed 5th December – progress report

Basically a restful time hiding from the cold.

Today a Norwegian professor of Chinese examined our finished chapters of Luke at ‘easy level A’ and said how relevant they are to the current needs of China. So, well done easy Chinese team!

Volunteers seemed keen to start with veryeasy Norwegian, Xhosa, German, Swahili for prisons […]

Stavanger International Church

I was privileged to talk for about 10 mins during the morning service at this very friendly church. People seemed interested and laughed at my jokes. I stay in this college for a week seeking contacts. Rickenson a prison chaplain from Tanzania has finished Luke chapter 1 at level A in easySwahili.