Nzara latest

Just heard from Tepe Alıson ın Nzara, South Sudan (Bishop Samuel’s appoınted leader of easyZande level A). He reports that my frıend from N Wales and hıs 2 frıends who are dentists have had a good vısıt. The dentists treated 18 patients yesterday and are there continuing this important work.

Alıson ıs so encouraged by […]

Valley to mountain top

Watch this space till about Feb 1st.

This mornıng ı prayed for new young leader wıth energy and fire for veryeasy Turkish.

Watch this space – thanks for praying!!

Hush Hostel Lounge

Due to the illness of my kind host; i am back at this hostel. Very good value – as are all i have tried so far on .

Full of young people (c 30 years old); very open about gay issues and keen to help learning disabled people.

Today i met an Italian man […]

Slow start in Istanbul; Slovakia

Please keep prayıng for İstanbul – İ am enjoyıng boat rides and friendly people – but work is slow.

But a Slovak lady called Ľubica whom I met recently at Birmingham New Street Station is adding to our European veryeasy languages.

She is a graduate in Hotel Management, working in Worcestershire.

But her current job […]

Exporting ‘Good Gifts’ from Anglesey, North Wales

On the second Saturday of each month learning disabled people with their parents and friends meet for worship, games, craft activities and refreshments in the Catholic Church at Llangefni, Anglesey, North Wales. The meeting is called ‘Good Gifts’. We are from several denominations. Christ blesses such meetings -Matthew ch 25 v 40.

Sometimes, we use […]

Alan’s next exhibitions

Alan Thompson, our learning disabled Christian friend has 3 exhibitions in the next few months :

1. Three paintings are displayed in Bay Gallery, Colwyn Bay.

2. For the week beginning Feb 11th, a group of artists who rent part of a building behind Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno are experimenting with allowing other artists to use […]