VeryeasyTamil arrives from India

The extremely important veryeasyTamil has arrived from Revd Daniel K and his team – that have also sent Hindi and Marathi at the same level to be used with learning disabled people and in prisons (Matthew’s Gospel ch 25 v 40). They are one of our top teams in

Nzara, South Sudan update

Last night we had a wonderful meeting at the home of Peter and Janet in Colwyn Bay. Revd Peter was showing us a power point presentation for his 9th trip to Sudan – this time to the newly constituted South Sudan to set the scene for his dentist friends – also from Colwyn Bay who […]

Fasting Wed 6th February – update

A slower month but i hope soon to receive more veryeasyTurkish stories from Istanbul and the first veryeasySlovak.

I also expect to return to Stavanger next month where i’ve just posted 18 booklets in veryeasyNorwegian.

A list is also being compiled of testimonies as to the usefulness of the ‘veryeasy’ level in several languages.

Arlette […]