severely learning disabled children in Norway

Last Friday in Stavanger Missionary College, Norway i met Pastor R who is pioneering one to one teaching similar to the attitudes of Jean Vanier of L’arche.

He deeply loves and seeks to learn himself from disabled people. He, kindly gave me a set of 80 boxed picture cards. I’ll give them to my wife, […]

Malawi & South Sudan

Today, level A easyTumbuka came from Malawi and veryeasyZande from South Sudan.

Exciting opportunities are developing in MHS (Lutheran Missionary College), Stavanger.

Norway, Turkey & Nepal

Yesterday i learnt that more veryeasyTurkish stories have been checked and are on their way from Istanbul. I must return there soon – or perhaps to Sofia and Plovdiv in Bulgaria where the E111 still gives me health insurance.

My friend Pastor H who i met in Los Angeles the London in 2007 is now […]

‘easy’ level A encouragement; update of Top Teams

Please be encouraged by updated Top Teams on – especially the SWAHILI from TANZANIA and TUMBUKA from MALAWI at EASY LEVEL A – which will help many people.

FRENCH FOR AFRICA FROM DRC : revised Luke arrived yesterday from DRC; Mk, Jn &Mt checked by Arlette from Belgium with many years experience in DRC; […]

Fasting Thursday 7 March -Alan’s exhibition

I was very busy yesterday and am still waiting for important news – much is happening – but here are some updates for now,

1. Alan Thompson has started a 2 month exhibition of 27 paintings in Llandudno Library – £70 each.

2. Arfon Jones in Cardiff wishes me to mention the recent launch of […]

Chapter 16 of Luke’s Gospel from Shanghai in ‘easy’ level A leads others

The easyChinese team are moving forward steadily (after the Chinese New Year Holidays) as Luke ch 16 arrived today from Shanghai as it has been sent for checking in Hong Kong. This is the same work that Norwegian Professor of Chinese, Prof Thor recently admired in the Lutheran Missionary College in Stavanger. I return to […]