easyKiluba and easySwahili both at level B arrive from DRC team; also 2 sets of veryeasyBemba Gospel Stories

More joy from DRC (their Swahili is slightly different from Tanzanian Swahili) and Zambia. Ch 1-4 easyTumbuka level A Luke arrived checked from Malawi, today.

KABWE is at last producing results. Level B Bemba – Matthew coming soon after further checks.

Nepali and Bemba (Zambia)

3 chapters of easyNepali level A Luke from Katmandu – and a set of Gospel Stories in veryeasyBemba from Zambia – have arrived.

Top Teams updated April 12th

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The World of www.easyBibles.com is shrinking, praise God!

India has recently joined China, Madagascar and probably Pakistan in wishing to be independent of www.easyBibles.com. They will soon have their own websites for easy to read scriptures – and i can concentrate financies on those needy countries remaining – mainly in Africa.

Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(PPP)_per_capita to show where i need to concentrate my energies. […]


First it is wonderful that a full set of 12 veryeasyTurkish gospel stories have arrived from Istanbul.

My third trip to Stavanger Lutheran Missionary College (MHS) was so productive that my next trip in the Autumn might be back to this college or to similar Lutheran colleges in Finland, Germany or Sweden. The professor of […]