Printing update – veryeasy Zande for South Sudan

These 2 booklets in veryeasyZande (from South Sudan) and veryeasyChin (from Myanmar/Burma) were printed and posted by Tentmaker Publications in Stoke – on – Trent, UK. They are strong and as you will see of excellent quality. As funds permit, I’ll be seeking to send 50 copies like this to every poor country who […]

Luke at level A in easyChinese reaches chapter 18

Chapter 15 arrived checked today and ch 16 & 17 will soon be finished too – by very busy people.

This is still our top team.

Joyful, privileged harvest

I have 2 aims for the next few years – if God gives me health and strength :

1. to concentrate first on the poorest 10 nations; moving on later to the next 10 from the IMF table – .

2. to learn much more about how gospel materials can help people with learning […]

Nepali and Lingala

More chapters of these 2 languages have arrived in recent days

China, India and Pakistan independent of Martin Lloyd leaving me to concentrate on poorest nations

The world’s poorest nations (according to the International Monetry Fund table – please see )

are in Africa plus Nepal and Myanmar. For now i’ll leave Afghanistan to Pakistan – who have already sent me some easyFarsi.

Fasting Wednesday 8th May – India

Tomorrow i visit Bethany Church, Southall, London to find supporters for my Indian friends in Haryana, North India. They have teams doing veryeasy and easy level A Hindi, Tamil and Marathi that need encouragement and support.

Also i soon expect level A Luke in easyTagalog from Manilla, Philippines. The same level in easyTumbuka is progressing […]