Luke at level A finished in Hindi

Great news! We shall soon be printing level A easyHindi for the book of Luke -now finished, thanks to Rev Daniel and his teams in North India.

We have also received 3 more chapters of Luke at level A in easyNepali – they are up to Chapter 15.

Matthew and Mark in easyFrench have been […]

Ten poorest nations + Somalia



in 2012 IMF table


capita in

$ 178 South Sudan 1,006 179 Madagascar 955 180 Malawi 858 181 Niger 815 182 Central African Republic 800 183 Eritrea 777 184 Liberia 673 185

186 Burundi

Somalia should be added 625

c 600 187 Zimbabwe 559 188 Congo, Dem. Rep. […]

Printing strong booklets for level A easyZande

This photo shows the colour codes for the veryeasyZande (blue edges) and level A easyZande (orange edges) that will be used in future on all our booklets – to fit in with the ‘SPECTRUM OF READING LEVELS’ mentioned above. These are stronger but more expensive than our home-made booklets. We shall try to print […]

Fasting Wed 5 June – level A moves forward

Level A Luke is making good progress in several languages – Chinese and Chin (Myanmar) are in sight of finishing this gospel. Zande (South Sudan), Tumbuka (Malawi) and Nepali are doing well too.

The level B ‘easyFrench for Africa’ 4 gospels look like being ready for Aug 1st – to enable registration with the DRC […]

Printing for South Sudan – my letter today

Dear Bishop Samuel, It was a great joy to meet Isaiah yesterday.

I left him with 45 copies of the veryeasyZande booklets and two laptops – one for his own use – possibly in helping with level A – perhaps John’s gospel (as you both decide) – the second to pass on to a Sango-speaking […]