Level A flourishing in Nepal, South Sudan and Zambia

4 chapters of Luke at level A arrived today in easyNepali and 1 more in easyZande.

This level will be much discussed at our Lilongwe Conference.

Clive from Zambia is also starting level A Luke – this time in easyBemba.

He writes about the April Conference :

‘i want to meet the great men and […]

Africa ’14 Conference – Lilongwe, Malawi – in April

To a large extent, Africa ’12 in Kabwe, Zambia failed in it’s basic aims. Most of those who attended saw ‘easyBibles’ for Africa as the ministry of one British man!?

They did NOT recognise their own responsibility, as pastors and leaders, to provide gospel materials for the poor members of their own congregations.

So on […]

Weekend in Salisbury and London

Last week-end i had a very useful few days in the London area. It started with Anglicans in Salisbury who are helping our friends in South Sudan. They are going to assist in getting booklets delivered to Nzara.

Then i met Baptist friends at the Oasis Centre, Waterloo – Steve Chalke is the senior pastor […]

‘EasyBibles’ Conferences in Africa

By now you will have realised that although i am blessed by many friends in many countries – especially in wonderfully, windy North Wales ( it is very hot here today) – my heart belongs to Africa!

So, i propose 2 conferences there :

1) Saturday April 26th 2014 – 6 months after the 10th […]

veryeasyTumbuka booklets for Kamoza in Lilongwe, Malawi

We are gradually able to organise more printing to be done in the home nations – DRC, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, China, hopefully soon India, perhaps soon for South Sudan…This helps local employment there.

But here we see more wonderful work from Tentmaker Publications in Stoke on Trent, UK.


Report back from translator Alison in Nzara, South Sudan

‘Dear Martin, it is really very encouraging to see the booklet of the gospel stories you printed for us. As Bishop was reading it yesterday, all the those who were around including church leaders were very exciting to listen to it. This will encourage me more than before. As we went through it, there were […]