Dear friends – i have had a very busy week planning General Secretary Harka’s visit to London and Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales. He will bring with him 5 copies of Luke’s gospel in easyNepali at level A (photo below) printed in Kathmandu! 500 copies were printed each containing 80 pages in for about £100. […]

11 not 5 African nations of volunteers, actively and sacrificially doing 14 languages. Conference dates for Africa and Asia.

3 months ago we had only South Sudan, Malawi, Lesotho, Zambia & DRC working sacrificially as ‘volunteers’ without payment (some even using their own money) to translate and check ‘easyBibles’. But God is graciously accelerating this ministry. Madagascar, Ethiopia, Burundi, Algiers, Angola, Kenya and soon Zimbabwe are joining in. Most new teams are working at […]

DRC Government in Lubumbashi gives land for an ‘EasyBibles’ school

On August 1st the DRC ‘easyBibles’ team successfully registered their work with the Government in Lubumbashi, Katanga Province.

Latest news from Pastor Elie,

‘I am pleased to announce the first stages of DRC EasyBibles school. A piece of land has been offered for this project by the Congolese Government to build a large school for […]

BBC programme on history of Congo

Basically, the history lessons i had at school were rubbish. As people say, “History is written by the victors – not the victims”. That is certainly true of Colonialism. If you can watch the excellent BBC programme (available till Oct 18th in UK) about the history of the Congo :

and be more aware […]

Algeria, Angola, Kenya move forward; SKYPE

In 2010 i met Pastor Nor from Algeria in Kuala Lumpur and he has continued to pray for easyBibles. He is now starting Luke’s Gospel at level A in easyBerber and hopes to attend the Lilongwe Conference in April. We discussed the possibility of him hosting a North African easyBibles Conference in 2015.

Andre from […]

Level A easyNepali Luke’s Gospel books printed in Kathmandu

500 beautiful books (80 pages) for about £100 printed in Nepal – come to London on Sat 26th or Sun 27th October to meet General Secretary Harka :