10th Anniversary of ‘easyBibles’ – Tuesday 26th November – Skype Conference.

On 26th November 3003 the general secretary of the Bible Society of Uganda inspected www.easyEnglish.info and suggested that on returning to Tanzania i should ask people to start easySwahili. That was the first language in ‘easyBibles’.

Then i travelled to China and India developing the vision.

Next Tuesday 26th November i shall set up a […]

2nd easyNepali gospel at level A arrives; miniconference in Kisumu grows; Ethiopia

Today John’s Gospel arrived from Kathmandu at level A in easyNepali. General Secretary Harka, Pastor Joel and their team are moving steadily forward, through the gospels. Soon we shall do more printing in Nepal.

It’s great that Tepe Alison from South Sudan ( with 2 years experience in veryeasyZande and level A Zande) is able […]

Kenya update; teams from 2 African countries have really caught the ‘easyBibles’ vision!

My friend Pastor Gordon, who is soon to finish easyDholuo Luke at level A writes :

I have given my peace of land of a quater acre to the EasyBible program and my intention is to build a center in this land which will have offices for the translation work into various languages for ‘EasyBibles’, […]

EasyEnglish strides ahead; easyBibles growing

EasyEnglish Website Visitors for October (www.easyEnglish.info from MissionAssist UK)

Webmaster John Williams writes : ‘We have had another record-breaking month and reached another milestone – it’s the first time we have had over 400,000 visits in one month!’I rejoice that the number of visitors has more than doubled since i resigned from leading this wonderful […]

Fasting Wed 6th November – London & Stavanger – easyChinese

Sorry to be late with this update but i was travelling.

A growing group of African friends in east London – from DRC, Angola and Burundi are strengthening ‘easyBibles’.

In my 5 days in MHS Lutheran college in Stavanger, Norway i was encouraged by further developments – particularly in Chinese, Oromo (Ethiopia) and Malagasy (Madagascar).