Naomi’s first novel; Congolese prisons and the spine of sub-Saharan Africa

New Beginning eBook: Naomi Godfrey Mwakasege: … › Books › Fiction‎ New Beginning eBook: Naomi Godfrey Mwakasege: Kindle Store. … Sample the beginning of this book for free … New Beginning [Kindle Edition]. I’m going to order a copy soon. I liked reading the free sample. Please encourage our sister. Prisons in […]

3 encouraging arrivals

This week, so far :

Matthew in easyBemba at level B from Overseer Aaron Mulenga – one of the leadres at Kabwe 2012. Aaron has now moved on to Luke at level A.

10th chapter of Luke at level A in easySwahili from Naomi Mwakasege – now in New York

Revised Luke at level A […]

Top Teams update;Ethiopia; Myanmar; Uganda; Zambia & South Sudan

i’ve just updated the 2 lists of Top Teams for Africa and Asia on Jan 18th,

Pastor Hmung, whom i met again in Stavanger has restarted and sent me 9 chapters of Luke at level A in easyChin – the largest language in Myanmar/Burma.

Bishop Wilson Waswa from Uganda promises to send all of Luke […]

EasyFrench level A (DRC); possible mini-conference in Zambia; website changes

My friend Peter McGuire from Lincolnshire, who with my Congolese friend Starsy (in London) is helping to format and check the new level A easyFrench from DRC is also improving this website. It already has drop-down headings/pages and more room for blogs. I hope you enjoy watching it change!

After the successful Kisumu mini-conference in […]

Moving ahead on suitable evangelistic documents for prisons

Thanks for your prayers Stephen Hawkins of and i had a wonderful time on Monday. He has sent me 3 documents for team members to put into easyEnglish. Daryl Richardson the CEO of MissionAssist and i are going soon to meet with Stephen – perhaps in Stoke at the HQ of the United Christian […]

Over 120 projects; level A Oromo from Ethiopia

My Lutheran pastors studying in Stavanger, Norway have added 21 chapters of level A Luke in easyOromo to the easyAmharic that arrived in December. This takes the total number of online projects to 121.