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Yesterday’s email from Andy to me :

OK. Here’s a quote that you can use as you wish (with or without my name) – I hope it’s helpful In Africa, literacy in local languages, and Bible literacy in general, is worlds away from what it was just 40 years ago. Nevertheless, in most places, there […]

Why do ‘easyBibles’? Encouraging one another

Some of us work hard and sacrificially in lonely situations. Sometimes we doubt the value of easy – to – read Scriptures. Is is all worth the effort? Below are some reassuring people : To avoid embarrassment and for security reasons many of these encouragers remain anonymous. My apologies for many omissions :

2 WBT […]

Setting up a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) for ‘easyBibles’

Four (out of the current total of five) of the future Trustees of the new ‘easyBibles’ CIO had a very promising first meeting on Wednesday 14th May . Three of us are signatories of the Britannia Club Account, which will be closed and the money transferred to the CIO when the latter is ready (possibly […]

easyChin from Myanmar; new CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) for ‘easyBibles

Please read today’s front page article in The Independent (UK) – – to learn more about the Chin people in Myanmar and the Baptist Church there that has recently produced the ‘veryeasy’ and level A easyChin gospel materials.

Please pray for our discussions in the UK as we move towards the status of a […]