EasyBibles school in DRC; SIM in Kenya; SIL and Amazon in Chad;Alan’s art exhibition

Dear Revd Martin and Friends,

On behalf of the DRC team, i am announcing formally the mighty progress of ‘easyBibles school’ project in Lubumbashi, the second DRC big city after Kinshasa.

Therefore , we are grateful to God for inspiring us this project in order to sustain poor, illiterate and other vulnerable to get […]

Fasting Wed 2nd July – New site for easyEnglish; new CIO for easyBibles; African leaders and new African site for AfricaneasyBibles

We rejoice with our easyEnglish friends at their new site for www.easyEnglish.info published yesterday. I had the privilege to lead this ministry for over 7 years and many of the present leaders are still my friends. June and July are always slow months in the Northern Hemisphere, but they received over 4 million visits in […]