EasyBibles school in DRC; SIM in Kenya; SIL and Amazon in Chad;Alan’s art exhibition

Dear Revd Martin and Friends,

On behalf of  the DRC team, i am announcing formally the mighty progress of ‘easyBibles school’ project in Lubumbashi, the second DRC big city after Kinshasa.

Therefore , we are grateful to God for inspiring us this project in order to sustain  poor, illiterate and other vulnerable to get access to the Word of  God and  be given the opportunity of  promoting their lives.

We should also thank Rev Martin, the main visionary and international director of  easyBibles ministry , because the ministry he has been given, is being extended over the whole world, and taking more horizons.  Madam Jenny never forsook him in this hard labour. She deserves all our congratulations.

We certainly feel indebted  to all our easybibles friends, and DRC teams for prayers and encouragements.

Indeed,  the project easyBibles school could never come true if God did not help us to work in a good understanding , unity, humility , obedience and much prayer to honour His name.

But why easyBibles school ? This is a challenging and multi dimensional question. It is in some extent , responding  open to one of the questions raised in the Bible and addressed to Jesus :” Teacher,  which is the greatest commandment in the law?” Jesus replied:”Love  the  Lord your God with  all your soul and with all your mind. This is the greatest commandment  and the second is like it :” Love your neighbour as yourself.”

When this ministry started in DRC( 2007), we  did not know what it looked to be exactly,  but the Lord knew !

At that time, Pastor Elie Kakudji and I, Bishop Evarsite Numbi were the only members of the new team of easyBibles in DRC, before other brothers and sisters joined us some time later.

French and 3 local languages were pointed first in this work, and God graciously helped us to translate some  books as He wanted us to.

All these were planned to  help our brothers and sisters understand the Word of God in  a simple language, that is  the magnificent and intrinsic importance of easyBibles ministry in Africa, where a great part of our populations cannot read easily the existing versions written in a sewn -up style, since most of them have  a lower education level. But it was not enough on God’s eyes!

When then , we were thinking to complete our task in different levels, we did not know that Jesus’ boat was still sailing further, when this revelation  sounded as a slight voice to our hearts: ” For i was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and  you invited  me to, I needed clothes and you clothed me, i was sick and  you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me…”
This coloured our decision and determination to implement this project and respond as much as possible to the deep needs of our populations, those who mourn and cannot get comfort,  the neglected, the marginalized, those who have no rest…
Accordingly, we first proceeded by making contributions ourselves to register the ministry with our provincial government in Lubumbashi, in order to get a minimum financial support for starting this project, that we have to develop by more other undertakings to assure the project continuity.
We were then registered as an independent Christian NGO, designed to translate the Word of God at different levels  for the use of our people , to teach, train the needy to read it easily and be initiated to some practical works . But  we are basically volunteers working in a strong relationship with the international director of easyBibles, Rev Martin and other ‘easyBibles’ friends in the world.
We also planned  to include  another category of vulnerable people called Pygmies. They are dwarf people scattered in the bush, and historically considered as the first inhabitants of our country  before Bantu people invaded the area and chased them. Most of them do not know Jesus Christ, and have never been at school. Some  were brought out and framed  by the Evangelical Lutheran Church several years ago , more others were helped by our former president Mobutu and inserted in the Congolese education system.
But since then, the remaining part increased in number and is still wandering in the bush. We may find some of them in Katanga province, around  Kabalo, Nyunzu, Kalemie and Manono areas. They are still dealing with the traditional religious practices (black magic power).
The large school in building as you may see on the photo, will be for grown illiterate people to get minimum languages skills for reading the Word of God, and later to be able to write it in their own languages. Also  these people will be trained to some common practical jobs such as farming, wood maker, carpenter…
The school classes will get 3 levels ( A, B,C) and a certificate will be issued as training proof.
However poor children and orphans will be trained at another place, that could be operational  earlier as we are negotiating to buy a  ready built plot for  this purpose. These children will get a full primary school programme currently in force here.
Our team members highly educated have agreed to conduct teachings in the first time ,before we recruit more other people in the course of time.
The leading team is as follows :
1. President: Bishop Evariste
2. Vice president: Pastor Elie
3 Secretary:  to be confirmed after vote
4 Treasurer: to be confirmed after vote
5 Advisers : to be confirmed after vote
This is the Work of God, it never belongs to human beings , but to God for His glory. And so, it is opened to all of you for prayers .

Attached please some photos, the 2 first refer  to the school in building,it may  finish probably at December end or next year. But the second one is referring to people in contract with us for building  the school.  They are eating at  break time. More updates to come. Blessings, Bishop Evariste Numbi. (translated by Revd Elie Kakudji)

Checking, formatting and printing in Kenya with SIM
For over 13 years, we have been friends of Thomas and Dorothea Renner from Germany, first when they attended language school in North Wales; but later when i visited them in Kenya 3 times. They work for SIM in Kijabe, Kenya where Walter a Team Leader has kindly formatted Rose’s level A Luke ready for printing – but it is now being checked, first, by their orphanage manager in Kisii. Their printing charges are very competitive and most of the work will be done by Africans. I hope this is the start of many projects, working together.
Please pray for Rose’s exams, starting on July 21st (Diploma in Community Development); Rose is currently our front runner – working on her 4th gospel at level A in easyEkegusi. When she also finishes Acts she will be more than half-way through the NT!

SIL in Chad and Amazon
Similarly an SIL printing team in Chad, encouraged by my friend, Andy (see below) has agreed to print for us using their African team – again for very reasonable prices. They also recommend using Amazon (US). I may do this soon for 4 gospel books and, later, whole NTs but i’d prefer to give employment to Africans. Amazon offer amazing service through CreateSpace and deliver to most nations by DHL.
Please pray for our trustees about this. We meet in a few weeks time.
Alan Thompson – our artist friend with learning disabilities has a new exhibition of 30 paintings at Beaumaris Leasure Centre, Anglesey, North Wales from July 27th till August 27th.

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