Fasting Wed 6th August – DRC buildings; languages update; GOLD LEVEL

Rapid progress shown below by Bishop Evariste Numbi ( Lubumbashi, DRC) who won’t mind me saying that his photography is as good as mine :

2 weeks later

We have 2 copies of the same photo – but please compare with the post below to SEE WONDERFUL PROGRESS. The team have been working day and night. Here we shall have by December 3 classrooms for adults to improve reading skills and learn practical skills like carpentry and 2 administration room. Another building nearby is being sought ( and teachers trained) to help children reach government standards. Term starts next month. More photos soon!

Many languages are making good progress at level A :

1. While easyChinese Luke is being checked; John ch 2 arrived from Shanghai.

2. Rose is working hard to finish 4 gospels in easyEkegusi (Kisii, Kenya). Her Luke – printed by SIM in Kijabe – should reach her today.

3. Kamoza (easyTumbuka) has started gospel No 3 – which may also soon be printed in Kijabe and transported to Lilongwe by bus.

4. Bishop Wilson (easyLugwe) from Busia, Uganda, also on his 3rd gospel might be similarly helped

5. Alison Tepe in Nzara, South Sudan is also on no.3

6. Naomi in New York has finished Luke and is moving onto John in easySwahili for Tanzania.

7. Pastor Teshome in Addis Ababa hopes to soon send me his revised Luke in easyAmharic.

8. Bishop Alain in Burundi, as well as kindly checking the easyFrench from DRC is sending me soon his first gospel in easyKirundi.

9. The easyNepali team are doing gospel no 4 and today Prabhat in S Wales has agreed to check their work. I aim to meet him next week.

10. Pastor Hmung (easyChin for Myanmar) hopes to finish 2nd gospel soon

11. Pastor Elie, Bishop Evariste and 4 languages moving strongly forward – WATCH THIS SPACE!!

Apologies to those i’ve forgotten to mention – but PRAISE GOD  that so many teams are helping the poor.

Joyce in Scotland is preparing 4 books of about 25 stories each in veryeasyEnglish for translators to get to the  GOLD LEVEL. These will be printed and distributed individually – but i hope soon to start printing 4 Gospel Books together at level A. We may even add Acts – so that we are printing more than half of a New Testament.


Conferences will wait until there are several GOLD  teams in each area. It is better to spend money on printing for the poor than bus fares, at present.

The trustees for our new CIO ( Charitable Incorporated Organisation) meet tonight – please pray. Feedback soon.

Alan Thompson has an Art Exhibition – c 50 paintings in Beaumaris Leasure Centre, Angelsey, Noth Wales – until Aug 27th

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