Africa moving forward; British prisons too

In UK, schools are about to resume teaching and many of us have been travelling – but God has moved us forward in Africa. We hope soon to do more printing with SIM in Kenya :

Kamoza ( Malawi – Tumbuka) and Bishop Wilson (Uganda – Lugwe) have each finished 2 gospels – to be printed and delivered on buses.

Thrilling words from AIC Bishop Wilson, ‘The Lugwe Bible Translation team was graced by the visit of the Bagwe Cultural Leader ( Omwenengo), who is actually wishing us to complete the New Testament and even start the old Testament too. Please Continue praying for such a great project.’ Next month Bishop Wilson is arranging to collect 4 second-hand laptops carried to Entebbe on Sept 18th for me by Flame International – a wonderful ministry based in Aldershot near London. Two will be for his teams, one for Prison Chaplain Peter from a large prison near Kisumu – when he shows work already done (Mark at level A in easyDholuo and chapters from a second gospel) – and the 4th laptop will be used by Bishop Wilson’s team until needed by another team.

Sister Rose from Kisii, Kenya has just finished all 4 gospels. She and Pastor Gordon recently received money to purchase 2 second-hand laptops in Kenya. So the work goes forward BUT I’VE LEARNT THE HARD WAY TO ONLY SUPPLY A SECOND-HAND LAPTOP TO TEAMS WHO HAVE ALREADY FINISHED A LEVEL A GOSPEL..

Bishop Evariste and Pastor Elie are making great strides forward in DRC. They write :

‘Our project is still going forward, the  building of the large school for adults has made mighty progress, and should finish earlier as the LORD IS TAKING CHARGE. But the ready built plot for poor children and orphans is to be operational from September 2014 as this category of human beings have been planned to get profit of the full primary school level programme currently in force here.
Bishop Evariste to whom this is copied, has gone to Kinshasa for getting another document from the national government for the definitive operation of the project. Please not that the DRC law stipulates that any NGO project needs to get two authorization documents,  the first  from the provincial government which  is provisional  and valid for a period of six months , but the second one from the national government is definitive  and can be extended over the whole country.

So Bishop who is the president and manager of easyBibles school project, is managing to fix all these matters in Kinshasa. He phoned me this morning that negotiations are going well and he will take more time there for additional contacts.

Apart from this, the 4 teams are moving steadily forward to complete the 4 gospels at  level A. The French team is currently dealing with Mark and Matthew  gospels after Luke. Bishop and I are checking Kiluba and Swahili gospels of Mark, while a brother of ours from Kinshasa is checking Lingala.’

Although restricted in their travelling abroad by the dangers in and around DRC, Pastor Elie and Bishop Evariste are doing a wonderful job, in English and French, encouraging nearby countries to do ‘easyBibles’. One country they hope soon to visit is Zambia – where i met them in 2012, although they were not able to travel further south than Ndola. Next time, with more notice they hope to meet Overseer Aaron of the Apolstolic Faith Mission – who attended our Kabwe Conference. They are already encouraging one another by email.

Bishop Alain (Burundi) and brother Narcisse (Cameroon) are already helping to check the easyFrench. Naomi (from Dar-es-Salaam living in New York) has finished an excellent level A Luke in easySwahili which may soon be printed in US and shipped to Tanzania. Her US friends may kindly pay for this. Naomi plans to finish John this year.

Level A Luke in easyAmharic has been revised by Pastor Teshome – a senior lecturer in Ethiopia. Tomorrow, i meet Eshetu, once a lawyer in Addis to again check it and also Pastor Andre from Angola again in London to discuss easyPortuguese – and on Monday in Liverpool i discuss easyEnglish materials for British prisons again with Stephen Hawkins ( not the scientist but a concerned young man working for the Prison Fellowship UK.)

Please pray and praise God for his servants!

More news (particularly about Asia) on Fasting Wed – next week! Please pray for my artist learning – disabled friend Alan – going through a rough time. He leaves hospital again soon.

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