Fasting Wednesday 3rd September – OUT OF THE BLUE – VIETNAM, Asia update

Last Friday i mentioned exciting developments in Africa.

Now, for Asia, we rejoice that easyNepali is finished in all 4 gospels at level A.

But from nowhere – OUT OF THE BLUE – came X from Vietnam – a  Bible College graduate and she writes :

‘I’m sorry…I only translated up to verse 16 because I’m busy. I work all the time for God..I work in the church, and I will translate when I come back my home everyday if can.’

X has sent me the Introduction plus ten verses of level A Luke in easyViet.

Well done Vietnam – may many other nations catch the vision!!)

Back to Nepal; it is wonderful that this team lead by H (who is General Secretary of The Evangelical Alliance and leader of the newly formed Wycliffe Associates for Nepal) and Pastor J have finished all 4 gospels (Luke and John are in print) and are busy revising them, following feedback, before we next publish them together with Acts – later this year. Revd Canon Carol Evans, from North Wales will be joining this team to encourage them. Carol once served as a missionary for ten years in Nepal, was later my Rector for six years and is a Trustee for our new Charitable Incorporated Organisation for ‘easyBibles’. Please pray for the Trustees – as we next meet on September 19th in Carol’s house.

In Myanmar, Pastor H is busy finishing his second gospel in easyChin – but he also visits Burmese refugees in other lands too, currently Australia; in China, K has just sent me John ch 3 in easyChinese and Y in Malaysia asks us to pray that her country may soon become a safer place to publish new easy to read Scriptures.


Pastor Abraham from Addis Ababa (whom i met on both my visits there) is also going to check the latest Luke in level A Amharic.

Today from Bishop Wilson (AIC) in Busia, Uganda, ‘Concerning the A4 or A5 sizes for printing and the Cover Page, let me share the same with the Translation Committee and we shall update you very soon. However,the project being the Translation of the word of God, we had proposed that, at first, to do some printing for the Bagwe readers and make some corrections when it is still in plain covers  for the first Edition – after which we can now make the complete one. Let me communicate  to you on the same – next week.’

With people like Bishop Wilson now firmly involved – you can see why i soon hope to hand over the leadership of ‘easyBibles in Africa’ to Africans – together with their own website.

Joyce in Scotland is busy preparing 4 books of ‘veryeasy’ Bible stories in English for translating and Bob in Banbury, England has shown me the Questions at level A in easyEnglish from MissionAssist (Wycliffe Associates, UK) that teams  – which like the one  in Nepal might consider adding to their teaching ministry. More on this in October.

Thanks for praying for my meeting on Monday evening with Stephen Hawkins of the Prisons Fellowship – a dedicated young man who had already visited 2 prisons that day – near to Liverpool. British prisons are very distressing places with much self-harm and despair. This must also be true in other countries. It’s great that ‘easyBibles’ are beginning to learn how to help. Stephen told me of 40 people wishing to train to serve as volunteers in the new prison – expected to hold 2000 men, women and juveniles in 2016 in Wrexham, North Wales. We have agreed to experiment with putting articles and testimonies into easyEnglish and easyWelsh. Many prisoners were excluded from school, because of their bad behaviour, when they were young and now they need easier reading magazines. Please pray for Stephen and his large team.

Please keep praying for my artist friend Alan – still in hospital with kidney complications.

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