Fasting Wed 1st October update; new DRC school; Bishop Wilson’s vision for Uganda

Below are photos of Bishop Evariste Numbi’s new school – the one for poor children :

The senior teacher, third from the left is Bishop’s wife Generose ( means Jenny).

They hope that the adult school will be ready for January. Please keep praying for Bishop Evariste’s health.

From Pastor Elie – yesterday :

Dear Rev Martin,

I  am already in Lubumbashi since yesterday night.Thanks for your prayers.

Early this morning , i went to visit Bishop  Evariste sent back home to continue taking medicines. His health is still very challenging since he cannot walk  . Please continue praying for him. I also visited  the school for poor children that is operational since September.

Tomorrow i am going to see the large school being built for adults.
I will stay here only for a short time, as my Boss needs to see me back to join him in Angola. I am acting as  his translator and secretary.

Please attached are the Gospels of Matthew and Mark in the same file.  They are to be checked by Bishop Alain and Brother Narcisse. John is also  being revised .

We basically focused for these translations on the comments from several people who read our first edition. Most of them appreciated it and said that it was simple enough; but  advised us to
make these changes regarding the English version on the Easy Bibles site , and we had to adapt it to our culture and reality .
1. Cancelling boxes, but  explaining  important things.
2. Explaining  some other words in brackets
3. Mentioning  subtitles
4. Using different colours
5. Illustrating if possible, because at that level;  poor readers may understand also by  seeing pictures or photos inserted  on the text pages.
6. Shortening and repeating some sentences
7. The Glossary is not required at this level.

Thereafter , a large printing  and distribution may be initiated . You know, the DRC has already produced in easyFrench the 4 gospels at level B, a set of veryeasy gospels stories, and soon all 4 gospels at level A. There are other works in production in 4 languages…….


From Bishop Wilson in Busia, Uganda :

Dear Rev. Martin,
Warm and sincere greetings in the matchless name of our soon coming King and Lord Jesus Christ from the Lugwe Bible Translation Committee.
We are writing to acknowledge with thanks the receipt of 4 Laptops. ( Martin – The Bishop sent me a video of Flame International handing them over – but i’m not skilled enough to add videos to this site).
Thank you so much for such wonderful help. I have taken some time due to the sudden death of my Uncle – the last born of my father. I received the Laptop on Friday,the 19th/09/2014, and  my Uncle died on 20th/09/2014 at 8:15 AM. We buried him on 23rd/09/2014.

Despite all that, we were able to hold the Board Meeting for two hours at the Busia District Inter – Church Alliance Offices to decide on the use of the Laptops. The resolutions from the Board were :

a): That, one Laptop be used by the Chairman ( Rev. Wilson Waswa) to enable him, to access internet more efficiently.

b): That, one Laptop be used in the  Office for the general write ups of the Translations by the Secretary and other documentations.

c): That, one Laptop be used by the Translation Committee for easy readings.

d): That one Laptop be given to Pastor Peter of Kenya Prisons as soon as he submits some write ups of the Bible Translation in his Community.

I was visiting some of my Local Churches and shared with them about the Easy Bible Translations. Many Communities who do not have the Bible in their Mother Languages were very much attracted to the Idea and requested me to connect them to start writing the Bible in  their Mother Languages.

I have as well shared with the  Community Leader of the Bagwere Communities,whom I also passed the idea of Translating the Bible in their Mother Language  and they are very ready to start the

We have so many Communities in Uganda who have not yet got the Word of God in their Mother Languages whom Am so compassionate.

I have so far Communicated to  Pastor Peter of the Kenya Prisons to come for the Laptop as soon as he will have written some thing in his Community Language. (Peter collected this laptop today – Martin)

Within two weeks from now, we shall have completed the whole book of Mark. Am programming the Laptops, after which, Communications will be very easy.

Kind regards.

(From Martin – Many leaders share the vision mentioned by Pastor Elie and Bishop Wilson (above) – i was recently in Norway talking to Senior lecturer Teshome fron Ethiopia about the 80 languages from his country. MANY OF US ARE HAVING HEALTH PROBLEMS –  we aren’t meant to stay here forever! Let’s use our days wisely – FOR HIM WHO LOVES US SO DEARLY.


Other news – (more soon) :

We now have 4 chapters of John in level A easyChinese and 3 chapters of Luke in level A easyViet.

SIM in Kenya are printing and delivering to Malawi 200 copies each of Luke and Matthew in level A easyTumbuka.

Please pray for my artist friend Alan. His health is improving but for 3 weeks he has been in a psychiatric ward at our local hospital. He is praying for ‘easyBibles’.

Please pray for the trustees of our new CIO as we meet tonight in North Wales.

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