Uganda vision; 56 languages; 80 in Ethiopia; Acholi in Lobone Magwi County Eastern Equatoria State, South Sudan; ‘easyBibles’ is a broad church

In the photo of 3 men Revd John Okumu from Lobone in the south-east corner of South Sudan is on the left; Bishop Wilson from Busia, Uganda is in the centre with David Idro who is a technical person in computers at the Uganda National NGO Forum in Kampala. Revd John has a passion to translate easyBibles etc into Acholi -our second language for South Sudan and has already been welcomed by Alison Tepe from Nzara in the south-west part of South Sudan.

Bishop Wilson has a vision to get all 56 languages for Uganda finished. So far there are scriptures in 16. Pastor Teshome in Ethiopia – recently mentioned to me – when we were together in Norway – that there are 80 languages to do in his country. Gen Sec Harka has a similar vision for Nepal.

Harka Khadka, like Rose Martin in Kisii, Kenya has finished all 4 gospels – Rose has moved onto Acts while Harka and his friend Joshua will soon be the first to translate  Joyce Ferrie’s Bible Stories (formatted by Peter McQuire into 4 books of about 25 stories each in the ‘veryeasy’ level).

I’ve just been interrupted by a wonderful message from Naomi in New York – doing easySwahili – she writes,’I am working on Luke, slowly ( only one day a week), I believe that I will finish it and send to you the whole gospel (edited) at the end of November’.

Recent growth means that we now have a Solid Crescent of involvement from Malawi via Tanzania, DRC, Kenya, Uganda – where also YWAM in Arua are seeking contacts in CAR, then up to S Sudan – to Ethiopia – then across to Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam and China…..Praise God!

eBs is a broad church

Like many missions we include team members with a range of views on A) Baptism and B) the ‘gay’ debate. Last Saturday, it was my privilege to meet Unity – a group of LGBT students at Bangor University. Although one third my age, they were very welcoming. Next Saturday, in London i hope to attend ‘Accepting Evangelicals’ 10th Anniversary Celebration. It is great to read early this morning of the Catholic Church’s new position with ‘Senior clerics taking part in a review of Catholic teachings on the family have called on the Church to adopt a more positive stance on homosexuality.’

But many of the world team of will disagree with me. Please may we still move forward together.

Please see where mature Christians are able to gracefully discuss their different opinions.

I recommend this site as an example of how we must travel together towards the light – Here we do indeed see through a glass darkly – let us please pray for one another – may we learn from Jesus as we pilgrimage together – until ‘the day dawns and the morning star rises in our hearts.’ 2 Peter 1 v 19

More photos have arrived from the easyLugwe team meeting in Kampala :

Attached herewith are the photos of the Lugwe Translation Committee of fie (5) Committee Members, Namely, No, one from  right, is me, Rev. Wilson Waswa,No.2 is  Rev. Malabe,No.3 is Mr. Samuel Achode,No. 4 in a coat,is Teacher Girisom  Ngolobe and No. 5 is mr. Mordecai Buluma.

Other additional photo with a lady are for  Rev. Malaba,Mordecai,  Samuel and Mrs. Elizabeth Waswa who always prepares meals for the  Translators during the Translation days.

Another one is when the Translation Committee are on the Translation sessions. This team will soon have finished all 4 gospels too!

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