SIM printing for Malawi and Uganda

These 2 gospels in level A easyTumbuka from Malawi were translated by Kamoza Chungwu helped by Joyce Ferrie in Scotland. Kamoza is now working on John’s gospel.

They were printed and dispatched by SIM, Kigale, Kenya – who are now printing Matthew and Luke at level A in easyLugwe for AIC Bishop Wilson Waswa in Busia, Uganda. He was helped by Yvonne Harrison in England. The booklets are A5 size and their covers are coated in plastic. This team are now doing Mark’s Gospel.

In my last post on this site, i mentioned the need to encourage and not persecute ‘gay’ people. I’ve since made some wonderful friends by visiting the LGBT group (called Unity) at Bangor University – near to my home in North Wales, UK.

Today, i would like to stress the foolishness in preaching what is called , “THE PROSPERITY GOSPEL”. This wrongly teaches that true believers will become financially wealthy.

Jesus did not promise His followers that they would become RICH!!

Did Jesus, Peter, Paul, Stephen, John….die RICH?? Of course not.

We are blessed – although we don’t deserve it – by His love. That is more than enough.

Preaching the Prosperity Gospel does much damage – especially in Africa.

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