11th Anniversary; New arrangement for ‘veryeasy’ Bible Stories; DRC & Burundi; Uganda, Lugwe King; Nepal & new Gold Table

You will need to enlarge this invoice from Nepal – but basically it shows that for about £200 we get 500 gospels booklets from Nepal – compared to 200 booklets for Africa. But the quality is different and Asia is usually the cheapest continent for printing. We hope soon to have our CIO set […]

More SIM printing; Mozambique, Burundi, Rwanda;world’s poorest nations; Nepal; easyFrench latest

From our German friend, Walter who gets our printing done in SIM Kijabe, Kenya and has worked for over 30 years in Africa :

‘Burundi printing: Yes, we are quite positive that the Kirundi books could be printed and sent along with our Rwandese colleagues and put on the bus Kigali – Bujumbura.

Mozambique translators: […]

Fasting Wed 5th November – printing in Malawi, Uganda, Burundi, Nepal & DRC; Peter & John in Acts 4 v 13

In 2008 i visited Malawi then the poorest country in the world and stayed with several friends at the home of Kamoza Chimungu in Lilongwe. 6 years later, it is wonderful to have this picture of her receiving 200 copies each of Mark and Luke in easyTumbuka from Mrs Kabango and SIM, Kenya. Kamoza […]