Fasting Wed 5th November – printing in Malawi, Uganda, Burundi, Nepal & DRC; Peter & John in Acts 4 v 13

In 2008 i visited Malawi then the poorest country in the world and stayed with several friends at the home of Kamoza Chimungu in Lilongwe. 6 years later, it is wonderful to have this picture of her receiving 200 copies each of Mark and Luke in easyTumbuka from Mrs Kabango and SIM, Kenya. Kamoza has moved onto John’s gospel.

The next photo shows easyNepali Mark. Soon Matthew will arrive – their 4th gospel as the team moves onto Acts and more gospel stories in ‘veryeasy’ Nepali. Praise God.

SIM, Kenya are now printing 2 gospels in easyLugwe for Busia, Uganda and will them move onto 2 gospels in easyKirundi for Burundi.

And from Pastor Elie in Lubumbashi, DRC :

‘Please attached are the Gospels of Matthew and Mark in level A easyFrench for Africa.
They are kindly being checked by Bishop Alain and Brother N from Cameroon but living in UK. John’s Gospel is also  being revised .
The team have received comments from several people who read our first edition (Luke at level A). Most of them appreciated it and said that it was simple enough; but  advised us to adapt it to our culture. We shall use colours and illustrations and make other changes, too. Then a large printing  and distribution will be initiated . You know, the DRC has already produced 4 gospels at level B, a set of veryeasy gospels stories,   and soon 4 gospels level A. There are more works on site…….’

We hope soon to have more photos of the 2 easyBibles schools in Lubumbashi. Thank you for praying for Bishop Evariste and his diabetes – he is a bit better but still weak.

The team doing level A Luke in easyViet is now checking ch 8.

Peter & John in Acts 4 v 13 ;

Here we see ‘unschooled, ordinary men’ telling the world’s rulers and religious leaders about Jesus and His ‘Good News’.

With ‘easyBibles’ the educated middle classes ( they can speak English and use laptops!) are unpaid volunteers in the world’s poorest countries enabling the poor and marginalised to read of Christ’s love too.

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