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From our German friend, Walter who gets our printing done in SIM Kijabe, Kenya and has worked for over 30 years in Africa :

‘Burundi printing: Yes, we are quite positive that the Kirundi books could be printed and sent along with our Rwandese colleagues and put on the bus Kigali – Bujumbura.

Mozambique translators: We had an amazing seminar there. I was quite shocked to learn that the average school attendance for Mozambicans is 1 year! Few people have a Bible, even though they could be bought for one day’s salary of a cleaning lady. But why spend the money if you can’t read.
Our colleague Ademola, together with long-term missionaries from AIM and SIM seem to be quite well connected across the country. Let me know what you are looking for and we can see what they can arrange. They also have a small printshop in Beira that could produce the booklets right there. – Did you know that the Coastline of Mozambique is 6942 km? What huge distances to cover!’

This world map is from  (click on this and make this map larger).

and gives an indication of the poorest countries and tells me where to send most money to reach the poor. But we are all aware that the poorest countries contain some rich, greedy people (part of their problem NOT solution) and we have to be as wise as serpents.

I try to target the lightest blue countries on this map and help others as doors open cheaply. Our funds are limited and many Christian leaders have yet to understand Luke ch 4 v 18 and Luke ch 7 v 22 and Jesus’s desire that the Good News reach the poor. Many Christian leaders in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Peru and India are selfish and IGNORANT OF CHRIST’S WISHES!!!

Many African and Asian Christians in London, US and Hong Kong are also blinded by false teachings – such as the Prosperity Gospel too.

But i thank God for 3 AIC Bishops in Burundi, DRC and Uganda –  and Bishop Samuel in South Sudan and sister Kamoza in Malawi and others who are sacrificially taking this vision forward.

And let’s not forget Asia :

Nepal have finished and printed all 4 gospels at level A. More chapters have come in Luke in easyViet and John in easyChinese – both at level A.

Nepal are moving on to start Acts and very soon will be working on the new 4 sets of ‘veryeasy’ Bible stories from Joyce Ferrie helped by Peter McGuire with formatting.

I aim soon to encourage Bangladesh. Myanmar/Burma are doing their 2nd gospel at level A.

May our loving God open more hearts to serve Him.

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