11th Anniversary; New arrangement for ‘veryeasy’ Bible Stories; DRC & Burundi; Uganda, Lugwe King; Nepal & new Gold Table

You will need to enlarge this invoice from Nepal – but basically it shows that for about £200 we get 500 gospels booklets from Nepal – compared to 200 booklets for Africa. But the quality is different and Asia is usually the cheapest continent for printing. We hope soon to have our CIO set up – to claim back Income Tax. The Nepali team are world leaders, having moved onto Acts and are also very keen (like the DRC teams) to translate the 4 volumes of ‘veryeasy’Bible Stories – the first volume is ready now! – thanks to Joyce Ferrie and Peter McGuire. Please see :

https://sites.google.com/site/easybibles2/veryeasyenglish and our revised GOLD TABLE.

The new  ‘easyBibles’ school (below) in Lubumbashi (DRC) – for adults (including Pygmies) who need help reading is making good progress despite Bishop Evariste’s diabetes – mainly thanks to the oversight of Pastor Elie Kakudji -a very generous pioneer for easyBibles in Africa. Oh. for more people like Bishop Evariste, Pastor Elie and their wives.

But God is working – praise His Holy Name! Bishop Alain in Burundi, Kamoza in Malawi and Alison in South Sudan are finishing their 3rd level A gospel. Rose in Kisii has finished several stories in veryeasy Ekegusi and all 4 gospels at level A and 26 chapters of Acts – but is still deciding about printing.

In Busia, Uganda Bishop Wilson tells us of their good working methods :

‘Normally, my translation Committee meets on every Mondays,and we work for the whole day” Thus from 8:30 AM up to 4:30 Pm.We have Four (4) phases. Phase one, is the preparations of the Manuscripts, we assign books to the Translators. Phase two,is Corrections. They bring on every Mondays for Corrections. Phase three is Printing. After Corrections, we take for printing.Phase Four,is Re-corrections. After the Secretary has done the Printings,she may have made some mistakes,so we have to meet once again for re-corrections. After the Re-corrections, we send it to your Office for Review,after the review from your office, you send back to us for the final Corrections.’ All very good. Actually i don’t have an office – just several helpful friends in UK to help with basic checking. We cannot read Lugwe. Bishop Wilson has also warmly invited me :

‘Dear Rev. Martin,

Thank you so much for your Communication. Actually we met for the corrections of Mark, and we were able to complete chapter 14 and 15, we wanted to complete chapter 16 and send  them together so that you can print out three (3) books,”  Thus’ Matthew,Mark and Luke so that we Launch it  to the Bagwe  Community.

We are however been able to complete the write up of the  book of Acts  which is on printing Stages. The Bagwe Community together with the Omwe’engo ( The King of Bagwe Community) are wishing that, on the Completion of the New Testament, during the Launching of the entire New Testament, that you will be the Guest  of Honor. We need to continue praying for this project.

Perhaps i shall be able to visit Uganda for the 12th Anniversary on Nov 26th 2015 – God willing – and then visit a few other African countries with finished New Testaments at level A too. I’m saying to countries like Uganda and Malawi that we must not make the situations worse for LGBT people by careless translations of Paul’s letters. Please remember that ‘easyBibles’ started on Nov 26th 2003 at the invitation of the General Secretary of the Bible Society of Uganda in Kampala –  beginning with Swahili in Tanzania. Naomi in New York is doing a good job working on this at level A.

As the first NTs are just over the horizon, let us give thanks to God for all His grace and mercy and for giving us Mt 25 v 40.

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