Fasting Wed 3rd December; Indonesia, printing, Burundi & Uganda, 4 sets of veryeasy Bible Stories

This photo is of Juliman and Victoria and their fine family in Jakata, Indonesia where they have started doing easyIndo and easyNias at all 3 main levels ( A, B and veryeasy). They have already sent me Jonah at level B and John at level A. We shall soon be printing in Jakata. Juliman was born on Nias – a tsunami island.

Through the splendid help of Joyce Ferrie and Peter McGuire we now have a full set of 4 volumes of veryeasyEnglish Bible Stories ready to translate. Each set contains 25 stories. This development will fit in with our revised Gold Table (above). As far as the ‘veryeasy’ level is concerned this is now ‘JOB DONE – OVER TO YOU’ because, by the time you have translated, checked and field-tested 100 stories – YOU WILL BE THE EXPERTS IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE – and please continue as your churches decide. The 4 volumes are at and more veryeasyEnglsh stories may be obtained from .

Other languages in Asia are also progressing well :

Nepali (led by Juliman’s friend Harka) has now finished and sent me copies of all 4 gospels at level A and are moving onto Acts; they are also prioritising the veryeasy stories.

The Viet team has now finished 9 chapters of Luke

In Africa, Pastor Abraham ( whom i met on my 2 visits to Ethiopia) is working on Amharic with Senior Lecturer Pastor Teshome (whom i met in Norway). They are finishing and printing Luke at level A. They will make a very strong nucleus for work with the 80 languages of that nation.

We are printing Matthew and John at level A in easyKirundi for Bishop Alain in Burundi.

From Bishop Wilson in Busia, Uganda :

Dear Rev. Martin, Thank you so much for your Communication. Actually, when you talk about ‘easyBibles’ starting in the Office of the Bible Society of Uganda in 2003, I remember having interacted with an Officer from the Wycliffe Bible Translation Team  who by then were staying in Entebbe Uganda.

I requested them to stand with the Bagwe to assist the translation of the Bible in the Lugwe Language; but the Bible Society of Uganda told them that they were working on the same but were not. The Bible Society of Uganda by then were assisting the Basamia in the Translation of the Lusamia Bible which they have so far assisted as to complete the New Testament.

For us we were very much marginalized and they called us Bagwe as ‘the dying Language’ and yet the Bagwe are one of the Communities that have the Kingdoms in Eastern Uganda.

I thank God that the Bagwe are soon going to start reading the word of God in their mother language starting from the Gospels. Kind regards, Rev. Wilson Waswa, Uganda. ‘

Martin assumes that Bible Societies have limited funds. This explains why (in a previous post) the same bishop tells us that only 16 of the 56 languages of Uganda have scriptures in their own language. It is good to be able to help with easy to read translations at different reading levels.

Pastor Elie in DRC and i have been agreeing that we are mortal. Perhaps (unless Jesus returns soon) we shall be watching ‘easyBibles’ from Heaven. Elie put it very well :

‘The way is still too long, i think we are just starting… and God’s
boat is sailing further…
My prayer is that God guides us as He wishes for His glory.’


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