Printing overseas in 2014

God has graciously moved us on from Ian Melton (Cefni Computers, Llangefni, Anglesey, North Wales, UK  – who generously got easyBibles started by letting us use his printers and toners, free of charge); Richard Johnston who found friends to bind our booklets and Phil Roberts – who is continuing to do first class printing for us at reasonable prices in UK – to :

these books which have all been printed in 2014 in Africa and Asia; most of them in recent months.

From top left we have gospel stories in veryeasy Ekegusi printed locally in Kisii, Kenya.

Top centre is Luke at level A in easyEkegusi, 200 copies at size A4 were printed and ring-bound by SIM, Kenya.

Top right is Luke at level A in easyChin printed in Myanmar/ Burma. 200 A4 copies were produced locally.

The central 4 booklets are the 4 gospels at level A in easyNepali printed in Kathmandu, Nepal. About 500 copies of each booklet were printed. Printing in Asia is the cheapest.

The lower 6 white and blue, plastic coated A5 booklets were printed by SIM Kenya and distributed to :

a) Malawi – level A easyTumbuka – 200 copies each of Mark and Luke

b) Uganda – level A easyLugwe – 200 copies each of Matthew and Luke

c) Burundi – level A easyKirundi – 200 copies each of Matthew and John

May 2015 soon take us forward into exciting new developments!!
Happy New Year to you all.

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