Fasting Wednesday 7th January – Bishop Wilson spreads vision; easyFrench printed in 2 cities

Exciting news from Bishop Wilson (of the Bagwe Community doing the Lugwe language) :

‘Am happy to report to you concerning our good time meeting with the “OMUKUMBANYA”( The King of  The Bagwere Community). I arrived at 10.30 am and  was welcomed by the Prime Minister of the Bagwere Kingdom, who led me up to the King’s Palace. After a long discussion and considerations, we came up with the following resolutions:-

That the King  and his prime minister call an extra-ordinary General Assemble on 8th/01/2015 and I go back again to confirm the Translation Team.

However, The King of  the Bagwetre Community was very grateful for the Bible Translation project and welcomed the idea whole-heatedly.

The Bagwere Community have the population of about 1,300,000 people and already their Kingdom has been confirmed by the President of the Republic of Uganda in Feb,2014.

I was told that the Bagwere have got a Bible Translation department which already  has started working on the New Testaments but the  problem was the print out. I will confirm this on 8th/01/2015, when I next visit.

The Bagwere King is a Reverend and the Chairman for the Organization known as'”Revival and Salvation Apostolic Manistries. His name is: His Highness Ikumbania, John Chrysostom Wayabire.

Best regards, Rev. Wilson Waswa’.

Martin has asked Bishop Wilson to ensure that this new team can do gospels at level A. This must be new work that is easy -to -read. Please note that these are 2 different kingdoms in East Uganda and Bishop Wilson is sacrificially travelling considerable distances.


In Lubumbashi, DRC Bishop Evariste and Rev Elie are starting to print easyFrench. Because of the very difficult and dangerous access to that country we shall – with their support and blessing – also be printing some copies soon with SIM in Nairobi. Pastor Elie writes :

Friend Martin Baskerville will be involved in DRC this year, and he needs my help also. So the work will be focused on seminars, teachings, distribution of his ‘first steps course’ over the

provinces of DRC. This may help us also to spread the gospels  to  a great number of our populations. Let us pray.’    LET US INDEED PRAY FOR THESE  TWO BRAVE MEN AND THEIR MISSION.

Martin & Jenny rejoice that their artist friend Alan Thomson leaves hospital tomorrow and moves to a new flat in Colwyn Bay.

K in Shanghai has sent ch 7 of John’s gospel in easyChinese level A.

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