Printing for Indonesia and Ethiopia; printing policy; training young checkers

Printing has begun for the Gospels of John and Luke at level A in easyIndo (Indonesian or Bahasa I – very similar to Bahasa M for Malaysia; the border in Borneo was only settled in 1958. These new translations will reach over 200 million people in the two nations). The team will also do veryeasyIndo Bible stories and easyNias and veryeasyNias. Nias is a tsunami island off Sumatra. It is Juliman’s home and he pastors a Nias church in Jakarta. Please scroll down to read more about Juliman, Vicky and their fine family.

Recently Pastors Abraham and Teshome met and had wonderful fellowship in Addis Ababa over the checking of Teshome’s Luke’s Gospel in easyAmharic at level A. This will soon be printed in Ethiopia.

In my many useful discussions with Pastor Elie of DRC we have agreed that it would be very useful if teams could start to train small numbers of young people (perhaps in their 30’s) to improve accuracy with the following :

1)  Chapter numbering should be consistent Рsame font and size. All verse numbers should be present.
2) Always close speech marks after they are used.
3) Punctuation. Sentences should finish with a full stop – then leave just one space – then the next sentence should start with a capital letter.
4) Capital letters should be used for the names of people and towns.

This will save much time and expense with printers.

Current Printing Policy

As the number of teams doing level A easyBibles increases, my current policy for new teams is to fund first the printing of ¬†Luke’s Gospel then ‘4 Gospels + Acts’ for all teams from poor nations before moving on to help with whole New Testaments.4 Gospels + Acts’ will be known as ‘Over half the NT’ because they are that size!

Now that printing is going well we need to concentrate on distributing, field-testing and improving our work.

Unity, the LGBT group at Bangor University start again today and a few of us hope to attend.

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